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The Transformation Imperative

Original research and content exploring how companies adapted their digital strategies during the covid-19 pandemic, focusing on how they used technology to shift toward a more socially-minded stance.

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Leading the charge?

Both China and the US have a long way to go to become green exemplars to the world. This EIU Perspectives article explores the crisis tarnishing both countries’ global image.

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June, 2001: A Drive

Brian had expected his weekend with Gabriel to anchor down the floating quality of his summer days, the irregularity with which time passed. Things had been so busy at the...

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A Boy in Stain

On a deserted California beach, seventeen-year-old Jacob Ardjuansan is arguing with spirits and anticipating the greatest night of his life. Her name is Talia Davis—beautiful, mysterious, off-beat. Unfortunately, she’s got...

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Michael Ethan Gold